Chaim is a storyteller.  Through his photography, he weaves stories of love, of family, of friends and of moments in time that should never be missed or forgotten. He has a rare ability to see both with his eyes and his heart. At a wedding, he immerses himself in seeing not just the reception details, but also all of the moments: a loving glance between grandparents, a child's smile, an exuberant dancer, and all those stolen kisses between inspired couples and their guests. Chaim believes that taken together, these moments- both big and small- are what make each and every wedding extraordinary, and that the moments he captures will bring enduring joy for decades to come.

Chaim Schvarcz initially began his photography career working as a photojournalist for Israeli newspapers, where he perfected the art of telling an entire story in a single photo.  

When he looked at other photographers’ wedding photos, he felt they didn’t capture the very emotions of each moment so they could be relived over and over again for a lifetime, like they should. So 11 years ago, he set out to give couples the experience and images they deserved by starting his own wedding photography business. 

Handing over an album that will become an heirloom in someone’s family drives Chaim, and he is honored to play an important role in his couple’s wedding days. He takes joy in the moment when a bride and groom become husband and wife; when the glass is smashed and everyone erupts into song and dance; and in simply observing the parents of the couple in all of their pride and happiness. As a parent himself, these special memories truly hit home.

At C. Schvarcz Photography, we invest our time and energy in the details of your day so your entire experience is enjoyable and stress-free. We know you value clear, quick communication, so we take our response time and planning processes seriously. We are here for you, providing top-of-the-line service and amazing, heirloom-quality images that you and your family will enjoy for a lifetime.

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