Imagine being surprised one day with your favorite ice cream.  You didn't even know you needed it, but there it is, just the right flavor, making your day that much better. We hope that that’s what it feels like working with us. 

Wedding planning can be an overwhelming experience as you try to balance everything else in your life with your celebration. Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the first big decisions you’ll make (of many!). 

In selecting C. Schvarcz Photography, you can be confident that we will be there for you before, after, and most importantly, during your special day, making everything better, smoother and easier (much like a bowl of your favorite ice cream makes everything better).

Entrust our experts with your day and let it unfold knowing that we’ll capture every moment you could ever have wanted…including those you didn’t even realize you wanted!

On the day of your wedding, you can take extra comfort in knowing that we’ll never be far. We enjoy being part of the wedding day team and ensuring that you get what you most deserve – peace of mind.

Say goodbye to the stress often associated with wedding photography, and enjoy the most pleasant and smooth experience, from the moment you inquire to the day your albums are delivered, and every one in between. 

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